Loving Lately

What I’m Loving Lately #1

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve been loving this week!

  • This Is Us.  I barely watch television but this is one show that I’m completely addicted to….and I’m pretty sure I’ve cried almost every episode.  Still not totally caught up, but probably will be after this weekend.


  • My Apple Watch.  I’ve had one since it came out and am just now starting to use for more than texts on my wrists.
  • These Ryoku lifting straps.  I borrowed a pair from a friend at the gym and now I need to order my own.  They’re way thinner and softer than your average straps.


  • Cooking!  Haha, okay not really cooking, but not ordering Seamless.  I’ve been doing a lot of easy Trader Joe’s things – turkey burgers, sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice, cooked chicken.  I want to start meal prepping, but it seems overwhelming.  Or maybe I’m just afraid I’ll get sick of eating the same thing multiple times a week?  Who knows, but something to think about for the future.


  • Ali’s New Podcast!  I’ve read her blog for years and am so excited about her new project!  I’m so not a podcast person but I’ve listened to the first two episodes so far, and I’m already loving it.
  • Free coffee!  7-11 has free coffee on wednesdays if you use their app.  Not sure how long the promo is going for – maybe just February – but I’m definitely loving it!

Happy Friday!



Weekly Workouts

All of the Workouts: 2/6 – 2/12

Here are all my Crossfit workouts from last week:


A:  Front squats:
B:  Pendlay Row, 3×6: 83-88-93#
C:  Conditioning
In 3 minutes complete, AMRAP of 9-7-5 reps:
Clean and Jerk (103)

Rest 4 minutes

In 3 minutes complete, AMRAP of 9-7-5 reps:
Overhead Squats (83)
Chest to Bar Pull ups

Rest 4 minutes

In 3 minutes complete, AMRAP of 9-7-5 reps:
Power Snatch (63)
Toes to Bar

Rest 4 minutes

In 3 minutes complete, AMRAP Wallballs 14#

Score – 23+42+44+56= 165 reps


A:  5×2 clean pulls with straps: 103/123/133/143/153#
B:  3x1000m row with 1:1 rest


Tall Snatch, 3×3: 15-25-25kg
Above Knee Hang Snatch, 3×3: 25-30-30kg
1×3 – 32kg
2×3  – 35
4×3 – 37
Snatch Pull from Parallette
1×3 85.5 #
1×3 98
1×5 108
1×5 113
Displaced Jerk, 5×3: 83#
10 min Alternating EMOM:
Odd – 5 bar muscle ups
Even – 5 SHSPU with 45# plate deficit

Thursday – Rest Day



I’ve done this workout RX once so this time I used heavier weights(hence the ‘plus’ part).  Really slowed down on the push press, finished in 20:53


32 minute Snatch EMOM: worked up to 113#

10 minute EMOM:
25 Double Unders
3 muscle ups

10 seconds L-sit on rings
10 seconds rest

Sunday – Rest Day

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Golden Unicorn & Puffs


Went to the gym in the evening for a quick workout.  We did “Filthy Fifty”, but scaled up a bit.  I finished in 20:53 – the push press really slowed me down.

Followed by takeout from a new-to-me place, Fields Good Chicken.

I ordered the BBQ bowl and a side of rosemary potatoes and it was great!  But a little more expensive than Dig Inn(my go to) so probably won’t be added into the usual rotation.

Got up early because I had to work all morning, followed by a gym visit.  Did a 32 minute snatch EMOM, where I PR-ed!  Then some muscle up and accessory work.  

Went home after the gym and cooked up a random breakfast meal to use up some stuff in the fridge.  

Cleaned the apartment and started getting my life together for next week since I knew I’d be busy Sunday.


Went to Golden Unicorn for brunch, which was super mediocre.  First time doing dim sum, which was cool, but all the food was kind of meh.  We split some pork buns(two kinds), short ribs, spare ribs, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings and fried rice….the only thing I really enjoyed was the rice and pork buns.  Definitely will not be going back.

After brunch I grabbed a quick Starbucks and then got to see the Puffs Play!  It was so good!  Even my boyfriend, who is not a Harry Potter fan, thought it was hilarious.

Definitely a fun filled weekend!’

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts [12/26-1/1]

Monday – Rest day.  Spent the day with my mom at home, didn’t want to take time to drop in to a gym.


Back squats, 6×5: 113-123-133-143-153-163

“Annie” WOD:
Double Unders

Wednesday – Rest day.


10 mim EMOM, 1 deadlift at 174#

8 min EMOM:
20 unbroken double unders
10 unbroken wallballs 14#

Immediately followed by 25 cals on the assault bike(3:13).


20 mins to find 1 RM cluster: 123#

“Heavy Fran” WOD:
Thrusters 93#
Weighted strict pullups 25#


Last workout of 2017!  Chose a partner WOD off of Ben Smith’s instagram, but altered it for me(scaled to 83# instead of 93# and did 3 minutes rest instead of 1)

Sunday – Rest day.