WIAW:  Valentine’s Day

Today I’m sharing my eats from yesterday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day!

Breakfast – Two eggs with some arugula and a side of coffee.

Snack – Stopped into Trader Joe’s quickly on my way to work and couldn’t escape without a sample of some chocolate cake.

Lunch – Terribly unappetizing looking, but quick and delicious – zoodles with turkey meat sauce and a sprinkle of parm cheese on top.  I also tried to eat an apple but it was kind of mealy or something, so I threw it away after a bite.  😦

Snack – Smoothie made with chocolate protein powder, almond milk and strawberries.

Dinner – Takeout from Fields Good Chicken.  The BBQ bowl with brown rice, black beans, apple slaw and bbq chicken.

Dessert!  Boyfriend got me mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa – my favorite!  So I had six – one of each flavor in the box – and stuck the rest in the freezer for the weekend.

Happy Wednesday!


WIAW: Pancake Edition

I actually started this day with the intention of just having scrambled eggs and some veg for breakfast…..but then I only had one egg in the fridge.  Womp womp…..but a perfect excuse to make a little batch of pancakes!  

Breakfast:  Kodiak Cakes + 1 sad egg + coffee 

Lunch:  Shepards Pie from Kettlebell Kitchen

Snack: Coconut Chobani + an (unpictured) apple 

Dinner:  Korean Beef and Potatoes from Kettlebell Kitchen